Can You Afford To Treat PQQs Lightly?

Companies that are planning to enter the lucrative business of working for the Government or big private companies need to know many things about the complicated process of getting these contracts. Most agencies only award these contracts on the basis of tenders and it goes without saying that these tenders are fought for very fiercely by an ever increasing number of competitors. The way to set your company apart from the others that are also clamouring for the business is to ensure that your proposal writing skills are up to date. In addition to writing proposals, you will also have to fill out Pre Qualification Questionnaires (PQQs) in the correct manner.

It is the sad truth that many companies slip just because of the cavalier fashion in which they fill out their PQQs. Companies that make mistakes in this stage are not going to be invited back in order to complete the submission of the tender. One of the most common mistakes that companies make is that they merely copy information taken from previous submissions because it saves them a great deal of time. This method has many drawbacks and it can cost the company its opportunity for subsequent tender writing.

There is a common misconception that these preliminary questionnaires are just for informing the prospective client about the company’s details. This is true on a very superficial level only. These preliminary questionnaires are actually a very sophisticated marketing tool and smart companies that know this make use of the opportunities it presents. PQQs are very carefully perused by the client because they get a very good idea about your company based upon the information you have chosen to provide.

You can use this questionnaire to showcase the work you have done in the past as well as the resources at your disposal that will enable you to complete the client’s work in the best manner possible. You can also highlight certain strengths that are unique to your company and which will help you execute the contract in a timely manner if it is awarded to you.

This questionnaire is usually used by the client to weed out companies that do not seem to be serious about doing the work that they have to offer. After all, companies that have not bothered to fill out a questionnaire about themselves cannot be relied upon to do the work correctly. There is no doubt at all that these preliminary questionnaires are extremely important to your company since they determine whether you will be invited to proceed further or not.

It would be a good idea to obtain bid or tender writing training if you have to deal with a lot of contracts that are awarded on the basis of tenders. Another good option would be to seek professional help from a company that employs experts in bid writing. They will guide you through the entire process of writing bids and will also ensures that your PQQs stand out from the others because they are customised to the requirements of the particular contract.


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