Entrepreneurs Are You Writing A Tender Or Proposal

You are hard at work writing your tender or proposal in the hope of winning that big new contract, but you know that you have at least one, if not more, big competitor. You’d like to differentiate your company and make it seem much better than them. You’ve also got some great products that are better than their as well. So how do you do this and win that great bid?

Well first of all look at your business and then specifically at the products and services that you are offering. You then need to look at your prices, fulfilment and support. Lastly look at the staff that will be working on the project and supporting the new service or system. Here are a few questions to ask yourself in order for you to list how much greater your business and bid is than all the others?

Look at your business compared to theirs?
1) Is your business larger or more dominant than your competitor’s?
2) Are your products better, more well-known or better marketed than your competitor’s?
3) Have you been in business longer and are more established?
4) Is your brand image more prominent or has a better reputation?
5) Are you more local to your potential customer?
6) Are your prices and price break points better than theirs?
7) Do you offer a better range of payment methods or option?
8) Do you offer better payment discounts than they do?
9) Do you fulfil orders quicker than they do?
10) Do you have better incentives than they do?
11) Do you have better products and product ranges than they do?
12) Do you have better customer, maintenance and sales support?
13) Is your fulfilment faster or better than the competitor’s?
14) Do you install or build things faster?
15) Do you have “first to the market” or latest technology advantage?

Look at your services, product and staff.
16) Identify the features you have that they don’t have. What features are better in yours?
17) What statistics do you have on your product that you can use to show your uniqueness or superiority?
18) What physical or emotional needs/desires/requirements does your product meet that theirs does not?
19) Is your product more up to date, modern or technically advanced?
20) Does your product last longer than the competitor’s?
21) Are your products; bigger, smaller, faster, slower, more robust, higher etc?
22) Are your staff more highly trained or do you have one or more subject experts?
23) What type of customer support are you going to offer and how does it differ from your competitor?
24) Do you offer a special type of professional advice or support that they don’t? If so, what?
25) How is your confidentiality different than your competitors?

Once you’ve worked through these you should be able to write some great paragraphs showing how great your business, staff and products are. If you can’t write great prose – then be brave and bullet point your great points. Any way – good luck on wining your bid.

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