Entrepreneurs Want To Write A Winning Proposal?

You’ve been working with a potential client and you think that you finally have the future project all worked out – then they ask you for a proposal. You’ve seen this great potential project but you need to bid for it. So how do you write that proposal that is going to win you the business?

Well first of all let’s look at what the proposal should do. Win of course, but before that you have to:

* Make your company stand out from the others as well as reflect the values and brand of your company.
* Offer the solution that is required in a format that is easily understood.
* Be well priced so as to attract the client, provide a profit for your company as well as opportunities for you both to work together in the future.
* Be well structured, well written and well presented.

Bearing in mind the above, your proposal should look something like this:

1) Thanks for the opportunity.
2) Your understanding of the job that needs to be done.
3) How you would complete the job, how long it will take and who will do it.
4) Why your company is the best for the job.
5) Your price – with subject breakdowns if appropriate.
6) Any “must haves” assumptions made etc in getting to the price.
7) Last thanks and way forward.

Item 5 and 6 should be on their own page so that they can be removed if necessary.

Remember to put your company details and contact details on the header of each page and your copyrights, date and page number of number of pages on each footer.

When you send off the proposal, on time of course, include a brief cover letter, with:
* Your contact details.
* The name of the person who is their contact for this bid.
* Your thanks for the opportunity.
* A very brief overview of bid – no price.
* A time frame that bid is current.
* Your thanks and hope to hear from them soon.

Now sit back and pride yourself on a job well done. Good luck

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