Handling PQQs in the Correct Manner

The business world is highly competitive and one area where this is very easily seen is the awarding of contracts on the basis of tenders. As a result, there are many measures in place to weed out companies that do not make the grade. One of these measures is called a Pre Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ). Companies and Government agencies that use the tendering process to award contracts use PQQs to find out whether the companies that are desirous of doing their work are actually capable of doing it.

Many companies are not aware of the importance of PQQs and do not give them the required amount of attention, instead preferring to focus on writing bids. These questionnaires indicate more than just your company’s name and contact details. These documents are read through very carefully because they serve as the business card of your company, so to speak. You will be able to get your business to be taken seriously only if you fill out these questionnaires properly and carefully.

Many times, the quality of the answers you provide on these questionnaires will determine whether you need to be doing subsequent bid writing because the client needs to be convinced that you are giving this contract the attention it deserves. The process of proposal writing and filling out of these questionnaires needs to be long drawn out one because of their importance. You need to spend sufficient time on this activity in order to ensure that nothing goes wrong. This is the only way to ensure that your bid is not rejected and you are invited to complete the tendering process.

The problem that you will face is that the entire process is very time consuming and prone to small mistakes that could lose you the contract. In addition, it will probably require you devote a great many hours to discussions on this subject so that you can complete the entire process of writing tenders correctly. You will also need to put in a lot of effort to refine the document you will be submitting so that all mistakes and oversights will be weeded out. This usually results in an unnecessary waste of time and manpower. Most companies that are looking to win a contract have the expertise and equipment to do so but they rarely can afford to employ a person or persons just to write contracts. This problem is intensified if you do not bid for contracts often.

Most companies that have been trying to be successful in the tendering process have found a simpler solution to the problem of writing PQQs incorrectly. These companies merely hire companies that will complete the entire process of writing proposals and filling out questionnaires correctly. If required, they can also offer you bid training so that you can handle the entire process on your own from henceforth. This will enable you to increase your success rate of winning contracts. Training in this process will also help you identify business opportunities better in the future.


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