How Tender Writing Services Win You That Bid

Not many know what tender writing is all about. Tender writing has nothing to do with the tender loving care that most of you would be familiar with. Tender writing is a service offered by professional writers who will produce a winning tender, proposal or a bid for a company who wish to win more business.

Many companies, particularly small ones, struggle to write a tender or proposal that makes their company stand out from the competition. Others have problems with explaining how their products and services will solve a company’s problems. These are the companies that should be using the services of a tender writing company.

Writing a tender or a proposal is not all that a tender writing company will do for you. They also offer a range of other related services. So let us take a look at the services offered and how they help us secure a bid:

• Drafting and writing of tenders and proposal
Regardless of the value of the contract that you are trying to bid or the agency that it involves, the professional writers are well-versed in knowing what the criterias of a winning proposal are. If you are not sure of the procedures or part of the paperwork when dealing with government agencies etc. have no worries as a professional proposal writer will take care of those details as well.

• Presentation of selling points
Organisations know what their strengths are but not all know how to phrase them in a winning manner. Tender writers will gather a list of your Unique Propositions, Strategies, Key Selling Points and business cases and then convert them into winning and convincing points.

• Risk assessment
Tender writing is not just about words; the professionals are well-capable of assessing the risks involved in winning the tender. This actually comes into place before the start of the bidding so that you are presented with the pros and cons of the tender and subsequently advised into making a right decision. Tenders are expensive to produce and a company needs to know which ones they have a good chance of winning.

• Mentoring and advice
Tender writers facilitate knowledge transfer to employees of the organisation. They advise on matters related to proposals and tenders. Your staff are then more knowledgeable when dealing with similar matters in the future.

Tender writing services do more than just help you win that bid; they also represent your company image in the best possible manner. A well-written tender both impresses and delivers confidence that the project will be undertaken in a professional manner.

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