Ive often heard it said that bid management is easy

Ive often heard it said that bid management is easy and that anyone trained in any form of management could do it. Its as easy as falling off a log. Isnt it?Tell that to those who got it wrong and either lost their jobs or were cast into oblivion for the remainder of their time at a company.In most bids, process (at least as we know it) goes out the door and barely controlled chaos occurs.

One colleague equates managing a bid team to containing a nuclear reaction. One slip and you have a super-critical event. However, if you are too controlling the head of steam you are trying to build fizzles out like a damp firework and your proposal becomes a half hearted, losing proposal.

Enter the different breed of manager the Bid Manager.The bid manager will project manage the entire proposal process, from beginning to end, understanding the requirement and putting a bidBid Manager – A Different Breed of Person management process in place.

Coordinating questions and responses with all departments to ensure high quality, compelling and accurate written representation of the solution. Probably trained as a project manager or at least having served in a well run project the bid manager is part of the sales and marketing department but has detailed knowledge of how the company ticks and operates. He knows many of the gifted proposal team personnel those who you always want on your side and effortlessly maintains good relations with all of them.

The bid manager will work closely with other company departments and divisions as well and has a network of teaming partner companies that he trusts and can call on to join the fun. In addition to the supply side proposal activity, the proposal manager has an in depth knowledge of the customer and its process, including the foibles and quirks.The bid manager is a persistent person. He or she will be highly demanding of people working on bids, insisting they meet the deadlines set. At all costs.

But it will be done in a way which keeps the team onside and wanting to come back for more. The bid manager will have the skills to get the absolute best out of the best, and often difficult to manage, people in the company .People working for a good bid manager often change. They begin to ask what they can do for the company rather than what can the company do for them.Because the bid manager is a different breed of manager.