Tender Writing – Why You Need Professional Help for It

Do you feel that you are missing out on too many Government contracts that your company is ideally suited to handle? Have you kept a tally of the number of contracts you have applied for as well as your success rate? Most companies that need to bid for government contracts do not meet with success because of mistakes they make in tender writing. If this is happening to you then you are doing yourself a great disservice.

The art of tender writing is a very complex one but you need to master it in order to increase your success rate at bagging government tenders. Writing tenders is just one part of the job which starts at the stage of identifying the various contracts available. You need to do proposal writing next in order to be considered for the next stage. Most Government tender processes require you to fill out detailed forms called Pre Qualification Questionnaires (PQQs) that will indicate to the agency that requires work to be done whether you have the ability to execute the task as per their requirements.

Writing proposals is not a simple task because you need to first do a lot of homework in order to find out all about the business at hand. You might even need to do a lobbying and networking in order to get additional information that will make your bid writing very pertinent and effective. Most small companies are not even aware of the fact that they can contact the project tender board for any clarifications they require.

There are many companies that bid for the same contracts as you very well know. This fierce competition means that your tender writing skills have to be outstanding in order for you to be noticed by the prospective client.
You are therefore left with two options if you really wish to win a greater number of tenders than you are doing today. One option is to get bid training so that you can execute the entire process on your own while reducing the chance of you making mistakes that will certainly cost you the business. The other option is to hire people to do the work on your behalf. There are many companies that offer you complete solutions for dealing with tenders successfully. They will lead you through the entire process starting with identifying business opportunities and will also help you with writing bids that will get the attention of prospective clients.

You will have to choose one option or the other depending on how frequently you bid for tenders. If this is an infrequent activity that you might consider the option of hiring tender writing professionals who will devote themselves to the task of customizing your tender to meet the needs of your client. Whichever option you finally choose, you will understand the importance of getting professional help while writing bids. You will enjoy a far higher success rate with winning tenders and will be able to increase your business considerably.

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