Tender Writing


      • Tender or Proposal Writing, be they small or multi million £/$ bids. We are familiar with all types of bids including local government, health and educational bids. We can write all or part of your bids. Sometimes parts of the bid can prove difficult to write, so we can write them for you. If you want a Quality Statement or Work Analysis written, then we will tailor it to your own business needs. Send us your ITT and some basic details and leave the rest to our team.


      • Preparation and Drafting of your proposal using input from your staff. We will produce the parts of the proposal you require and work with your staff on the rest of it. This can include everything from data entry and form completion right through to completion of the entire bid.


      • The Sales Element part to your tender, including Key Selling Points, Unique Propositions, Business Cases, Strategies are sometimes difficult to formulate. We find that this is the main area that small companies struggle with. They have the technical skills but are unable to present their tenders in a winning manner. We understand how to sell your company whilst lessening the impact of any weaker areas.


      • The Project Solution part of your tender. Sometimes very technical companies have particular problems in detailing the “soft” solutions to a tendered requirement


      • Detailed Risk Assessment of a potential tender. Tendering is time consuming and expensive. We can assess the risks associated with undertaking or winning the tender and produce the answers that mitigate your risk in your proposals or help you decide as to whether to bid at all.Presentation. If you want a MsPowerPoint presentation we can prepare this for you and then run through the proposal with your staff. We can even be with them at any presentations.


      • Knowledge Transfer, we will work along side your staff training and assisting them as they prepare a tender or bid.


      • Mentoring of your Bid or Tender Management Staff by offering discreet guidance and support to your staff as and when required.


      • Quality Reviews of your tender or bid documentation. An experienced eye can often identify problems that have been overlooked as you become too close to your proposal.


      • Bid Libraries and Standard Forms are sometimes the most annoying and time consuming things to complete. We will prepare these for you so that you can use them time and time again.


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