Tendering For New Business The Easier Way

Every RFP (Request For Proposal) and PQQ (Pre Qualification Questionnaire) is different. Business proposal writing is time consuming, complex and expensive. It takes up your staff’s time and your company’s resources. So why do company’s write proposals? Unfortunately for many it is the major method of winning new business. If you are in the recruitment, facilities management and IT environment, you are probably obtaining the majority of your new clients via tendering for work.

So how can a small to medium company keep up with the bigger companies without bankrupting themselves in the process? Well the big companies have dedicated members of staff who do nothing else but write bids and proposals. Smaller companies can hire tender writing companies that will write their proposals for them on an ad hoc or retained basis.

A tender writing company will have one or more experienced bid managers who will either have experience in a prescribed field or will be generalist and able to handle most types of proposals.

When you decide to prepare a proposal, you can contact your chosen tender writing company and discuss your opportunity with them. They will ask to see your RFP or ITT and ask you some detailed questions about your company. They will then wish to know how much of the tender you want them to write and which parts they will be responsible for completing. They will usually leave the financial pricing to you as this is very personal to each company. They will also encourage you come up with your own solution – after all this is your strong point!

Your chosen tender writing company will often interview you and your specialist staff to garner information that can be presented within your bid. They will also gather information from your web site, your brochures and marketing material as well as your product information. A good tender writing consultant will provide you with a project plan as well as a list of information that they require from you. They will also be in contact with you – but do not forget to leave them time to write the tender, so do not expect them to be constantly on the phone or at the end of an email!

A tender writing professional will send you parts of the proposal as they are completed so you are able to relax in the knowledge that your tender is being written well.

So if you are a smaller company and want to compete with the big companies, then level the playing field a little and get yourself a tender writing company to write your winning proposal.


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