Our Terms

Once we have made contact we will ask you to send us your documentation.  We can then provide you with a good estimate of the amount of work it will take to produce the parts of the tender you have asked us to. We will also provide you with a daily and hourly rate for our work.

  • We would charge the daily rate when a large amount of work is due and the hourly rate for smaller amounts. We would ask for a couple of day’s notice in order to assign the work. All the work will be undertaken by myself or a skilled bid manager associate.
  • A deposit of $100 or 25%, whichever is the higher, is required at the start of each bid. This is the minimum cost per bid undertaken.
  • Periodic emails will be sent showing work to date..
  • Full payment is required on completion of the work. Payments to be made by PayPal, which requires a recognised credit or debit card. Payment by bank transfer may be made by prior agreement.
  • Work done will be sent in PDF format until full payment is received, when immediate an Word or Excel document will be sent with the full workings.
  • The work will be presented in the format as requested by yourself and/or the proposer.
  • The work remains the property of Biz Guru Ltd until full payment is received. Full ownership will be transferred to yourselves on full payment.
  • All copyrights remain with the owners.
  • Information will be reused on as many of your bids as possible. It will not be used on bids for any other company.