Want To Know How Your Tender Will Be Evaluated?

You’ve been hard at work writing your tender and are curious as to how you it will be evaluated. You might be thinking of writing a tender and want to ensure that you write a winning bid – so you need to understand how your tender will be evaluated. Here’s an overview.

First of all your RFP (Request for Proposal), ITT (Invitation to Tender) or RFT (Request For Tender) will have the potential customer’s evaluation criteria. This is first and most importantly what you must adhere to. Failure to do so will render your tender invalid. These criteria will tell you how they will assess the relative strengths and weaknesses of each tender. Once your tender has been checked as valid the following criteria will be evaluated:
• The technical merits of your proposed solution and how it solves the business problems.
• The quality and appropriateness of your products and services.
• The number of goods supplied and the timeframe and type of services offered.
• The ability of your business to fulfil the technical, practical and legal requirements of the tender.
• The financial viability and robustness of your company.
• The skills and experience of the key personnel.
• The risks and constraints that are associated with your proposal.
• Any terms and conditions within your proposal.
• Any other benefits that your proposal will bring to your potential customer – this may include knowledge transfer, local employment, better training etc.

After your tender has been evaluated for the above, the price and pricing structure that you have given will then be assessed. This does not always mean that the lowest price will win. When you want to be paid and on what deliverable will also be reviewed. Finally the cost of your bid will be weighed against the value that your proposal will bring to your potential client.

Good luck.

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