When You Need A Professional Tender Writer

If you are finding getting new business tough and are not sure what you need to do to win new business. If you are writing tenders but never winning that new project you need a professional tender writer to help you win new clients.

You many think that you can write your own tenders, but as in all things in business it takes experience and skills to undertake tasks quickly and more efficiently. Who would you want to depend upon for your next customer – someone who rarely won a bid or that professional bid writer who has written hundreds of previous bids and won a high proportion of them?

A good professional proposal writer will understand what the owner of the Request For Proposal (RFP) is seeking and understand how to present your business and products to meet these needs. They will know how to design your proposal, what to put in and what to leave out. If you give them details of why you have lost tenders in the past, then they will ensure that you never do that again whilst they are writing your tenders.

So, won’t this be an expensive service? Not always, a good professional tender writer will work quickly and efficiently and will have a database of information and standard documentation that they can use. It is always quicker to write a proposal if you have done it hundreds of times before. A good proposal writer will provide you with a fixed price for the job as, after reading your RFP, they will quickly understand how complex it is and how long it will take to write your proposal.

This does not mean that you can abdicate all responsibility for your tender. You will still have to provide information about your business, products, services etc as well as guidance as to how you want to proceed with your proposal. This is usually achieved via interviews with your relevant staff, either by telephone on in person.

Your chosen proposal writer will usually leave the pricing to you – this is because it is a business decision best left to those that know their market. They will of course offer suggestions as to how to price your bid.

So how do you find your bidding partner? The nature of the work means that most professional tender writers and web based and that tender writing is undertaken remotely. So searching for a good professional tender writer on the internet is probably the best place to start.

Look at their experience and references. See what kind of services they undertake. Talk to them and show them your RFP. Time is always of the essence in tendering and bidding so ascertain that they have the time to write your tender. Ask them for a fixed price to prepare your proposal and talk to them over the phone.

When you have found your professional tender writer, be prepared to provide them with all the information that they need as quickly as you possibly can. Your proposal writer should provide you with parts of your proposal that they have written on a frequent basis. If this does not happen then chase them up quickly, but if you choose a good professional tender writer – they will be the one chasing you. Good luck with winning your next tender.

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