Writing PQQs the First Step to Winning a Tender

There is very little margin for error in the business world today. The business environment we operate in is highly competitive and you have to stay ahead of your competitors. This fact is particularly highlighted when it comes to writing tenders. A company needs to be especially careful while writing PQQs because a misstep here will mean that the game is lost even before it starts.

There are many industries which require companies to win tenders in order to get a business contract. While public sector contracts almost always involve tenders, this practice is now becoming increasingly common from private sectors companies. As a result, businesses that aspire to win major business contracts need to be well versed in the art of writing proposals and the bidding process.

This process often begins with a Pre Qualification Questionnaire which is better known by its abbreviated form PQQ. A PQQ helps the company that is offering the contract to understand which of the various companies that want their business are qualified to bid for it. The PQQ usually asks for a lot of information about the bidding companies including details of its experience in a particular field, its business policies and practices and often the other the company’s experience in similar projects.

Writing PQQs are very important since these documents serve to introduce your company and allow you to bid on projects. This document creates a first impression and if it is not satisfactory then your company might not even be invited to bid for the contract. Often it is a good idea to use a specialist in writing PQQ’s so that there is very little chance of rejection at this early stage.

Proposal writing is a very lengthy process and companies are rarely given a great deal of time in which to prepare it. The business environment is very fast paced and a company usually needs to have its PQQ and proposal completed within a very short time. However, many companies cannot afford to employ a full time person if they do not prepare a number of bids each year. The best solution in this circumstance is to take the help of a specialist in proposal and PQQ writing.

There are many companies that have identified this niche and accordingly offer a whole range of services that are connected with bidding for tenders. They have specialists who do everything from writing PQQs to writing bids. They write proposals and bids that are customised to your requirements. These companies even offer bid management and proposal writing training in case you want to learn to undertake these services yourself. Most of these companies offer a very high quality of service, have a high success rate and save a great deal of time and effort. You will see a marked improvement in your success rate with bidding for contracts if you take the help of experts who have undertaken tender writing a considerable number of times before.


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